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Links to other shores...

...one rode to other bay!

In the past we have left this area out in the cold. And so we have only a few Links for you at hand. But we'll change it...

Some time ago we have had hundreds of links at our page - with the result that every week a dozen broken links were reported because of badly maintained target pages. This becomes too chaotic. And so we have to build it up from the scratch...

Solemnity Worldwide

at mySpace

Solemnity at mySpace

The official Solemnity- mySpace-page. Here you will find some sound samples, videos, band photos and links to our friends at mySpace.


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Frank Pané

Frank Pané

The side-projects of our 'Solemnity-Guitar-Hero'. Here you'll find many information about Frank Pané and get some sound samples out of his other projects.


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Frank Pané

Harry Reischmann

The side-projects of our drummer 'Harry'. News and information about Harry Reischmann and his music.


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