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Gigs on the way...

...blow the stage!

2012-07- (26-28) HEADBANGERS OPEN AIR, Brande, Germany

(co-headliner to Lizzy Borden on thursday night (July 26th) with an approx. stage time of 21:00 pm)


Solemnity on Stage

Previous shows:

2009-05-17 Memmingen, Germany
2008-10-08 Ljubiljana, Slowenia
2008-10-07 Zagreb, Croatia
2008-10-06 Belgrade, Serbia
2008-10-08 Sofia, Bulgaria
2008-10-04 Bucarest, Romania
2008-10-03 Budapest, Hungary
2008-10-02 Zilinia, Slowakia
2008-09-25 Tallin, Estonia
2008-09-24 Riga, Latvia
2008-09-23 Vilnius, Lithuania
2008-09-22 Moscow, Russia
2008-09-21 St. Petersburg, Russia
2008-09-20 Kiev, Ukraina
2008-09-19 Brno, Czech Republic

No shows listed here before 2008...