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This is the website of the German metal band 'Solemnity'.

The band will be represented by Solemnity-Music, Sven Sostak. Germany. For all band contacts please write an e-mail to:

Info...(...AT...)...solemnity....de (erase the 15 senseless dots for spam reasons)


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Responsible for the content of this website under the terms of German law:

Solemnity Music - Sven Sostak

Begonienweg 30
89297 Roggenburg

Info...(...AT...)...solemnity....de (erase the 15 senseless dots for spam reasons)

Tax Identification Number (VAT) under the terms of German law: DE 814391280

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Except the 'Media-Page' because of the 'Flash-Plug-in'.

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Names, Labels and Trademarks

At the pages of this website we are using names of enterprises and trademarks without explicit indication of legal norms and patents. This fact must not lead to the inference, that a name or label is public domain.

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The linked 'external' sites have been carefully selected and embedded for direct access. But we don't have any influence about the content and the design of the linked websites. Exclusive responsible for this are the publishers of these websites. For that reason we request an explicit indication, if you detect some problems with such content, so that we can take care about it.

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Copyright & Legal Matters

The content of this website is under the terms of German law. No unauthorized copying or reengineering of the site content or parts of it. All rights reserved.

No limit or warranty about completeness and validity of the content at our website. Content may be changed without announcement.

In case of contact, your personal data will be handled concerted to legal regulation of German law. They will be used only to answer your questions or maintain a customer relationship. They will be not disclosed to a third party. Questions about protection of privacy can be asked: info(at)solemnity.de.

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